2002-02-06 21:05:14 (UTC)

better days

These past couple days have been better. Im finialy
figuring a lot of things out. And things are getting
easier, katie doest hurt me anymore because I know the girl
I loved is truly gone, gone when she slept with him, and
that person will never come back. I have closure, and im
happy. Im happy for the first time in a while, I hope it
lasts, im sure it will. I have my trips comming up, and
that will be a long needed rest. These headaches are
letting up too, which helps a lot. I miss my friends in
Georgia, there the people who I feel like I connect with
most out of anyone and I hate that their so far away. Im
just gonna have to bring them a suprise. Looking back at
these journals ive changed a lot in so few of time, I like
that things make sense again, theres not much confusion.
There is still the dreams, I dream so much latley, I drempt
last night of nikkis baby, that she had it. That it was
healthy, and it was a girl, she named it Arina like she
said she would, and when I woke and that led to the tears,
the tears I wanted for so long. She is like my sister, I
promised to protect her, and I still am gonna try

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