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2000-10-14 23:32:40 (UTC)

Hey, what s up? So far today I..

Hey, what's up? So far today I haven't done anything, I woke up
around 1:30, cuz I was exhausted. I went to bed around 4 last night.
I don't have to much to say today. Tonight I might go to the movies
with some friends from church. We might go see "Meet The Parents". I
really want to see Charlie's Angels though, cuz it has Drew Barrymore
in it, and she's my all-time fav. actress, and I have to see every
movie she's in. But my friends all want to see Meet the Parents, so
I'll probably just go see Charlie's Angels w/ my cousin next week
when I go visit her.
K, well I might write more tonight, cuz my friend is supposed to
call me back.