2002-02-06 18:37:06 (UTC)

im telling her that i want to..

im telling her that i want to ONLY be with her. im not even
bullshiting around it. you know. what the fuck
she calls me telling me that she cant deal with me talking
to sandy and then i start trying to talk to her about it
and yeah
shes done. just done.
she cant talk to me.
she doesnt talk to me.

(1:17:15 PM): hm. sandys probably online. im gonna go. my
stomach hurts
idontavertmyeyes (1:17:33 PM): you know. you told me last
night that you were going to delware in april. where you
might probably see your ex girlfriend. who you CANT not
kiss. and im supposed to be okay with that. but i cant TALK
to sandy. and now i get one word response from you. after
telling you that youre the only one i want to be with. that
youre everything to me. yeah. okay.
idontavertmyeyes (1:18:03 PM): im not talking to her emily.
im talking to you.
(1:18:32 PM): shit. so i get upset about something and you
have to bring up shit. i knew that was happening. thats why
i was done a long time ago.
idontavertmyeyes (1:19:13 PM): i just dont understand why
youre upset. and all you can say is that you dont like her.
(1:19:25 PM): IM FUCKING DONE!
(1:19:31 PM): its over. damn

i cant talk to sandy and she can go see and kiss and love
and fucking hold hands and hug and be all cute with cara


no fuck that.

telling me that she cant deal with it.
you have NO idea what ive had to deal with.
none. i feel like SUCH fucking shit sometimes.
and yeah
because i LOVE her ive foudn ways to "deal" or ignore. or
whatever whatEVER it fucking takes.
because i love her.

i cant do this shit.
i love her too much for this.

im going to have pink hair soon.

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