still single

sick of all the sh*t
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2001-04-25 03:30:44 (UTC)

my boss ,the hottie

okay I'm about to jump my boss..can almost not even
concentrate at work...and it seemed he made every effort to
talk to me today...Hope I'm not living in la la land and my
instincts are correct..well we didn't end up going out to
lunch..maybe he's too much of a pussy but he took another
coworker named Austin out since he sold a lot of loans this
month...I guess that's fair...I wanted to kill this guy
Allen at work that knows I have a crush on Dennis..he's all
(to Dennis) "Aren't you taking Tressa out to lunch
today?"UGHI wanted to crawl up and die of
embarrassment...well that's when he mentioned the Austin
thing...I'm gonna committ a homicide soon and Allen will be
my victim if he doesn't shut the fuck up!!!!Leave it to men
to fuck up your social life even when you're not involved
with 'em!!! Well still no word from Marine boy Eddie...Have
accepted that I freaked him out with the hair thing and
won't be hearing from him again...he was online earlier and
I avoided IM'ing him and he did me...FUCK HIM!!!! He
probably could have got some too...It's been so fricking
long...his loss asshole!!Okay feeling better now...Oh
please, oh please let things work out with me and my
boss...I heard him say today that they are transferring him
to another branch in about 3 months...we better at least
hook up by then!!!and if not it's probably better off that
he does leave so I won't be pining over him...because if a
guy is interested it shouldn't take 3 months to let it be
known.okay well gotta go...bye