hello kitty cat
2002-02-06 17:32:52 (UTC)

So I m in English..

So I'm in English class...listening to Eighth Ground (yes
Jason I DO listen to your music..if I really didn't like it
I would tell you)....not much is new...went to Slayer the
other was pretty OK..Hatebreed was surprisingly
good..but we left early anyway because it was kinda
redundant (Slayer)'s weird I saw Mike Garcia there and
we talked...about me and Jason..and him and his
girlfriend..and Candice...and I saw Cheeze..who of course
only said hi to me..and I saw Clay he seemed extra
friendly..haha..him and Jason talked for a while...that was
just a little weird..and of course Josh and Mike went (Shawn
was there too) ..but last night I talked to Josh and he was
like "God if I knew you guys were leaving early I woudln't
have gone..I can't believe you was an incredible
show..I don't understand you and Jason...They're like the
best you even like them anyway?!" He was completely
bitching at me for nothing...I don't want to even put up
with Josh anymore...He only cares about himself. I talked to
Andy too...I haven't talked to him in forever...he's in a
serious relationship too..I talked to him about Jason
briefly...he was there from the begining of the
saga...hahha. It was really good to talk to him again. I'm
trying to find System of A Down tickets..not having much
luck though...Other than that not much is new. I feel like I
can't write anything in this anymore because too many people
make comments about it...because they get the wrong idea
about what they I think I might make this private.