Self harming dyke
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2002-02-06 16:13:05 (UTC)

My therapist

Mood: Better than earlier.
Song: Hotel California
Cuts: Yesterday lots on wrist; today lots on wrist

I feel a lot better about the doctor at the moment,
although I know that, when I get home and re-read that
letter, I will get upset again.

I wanted to tell you about the therapist. I don't know if I
have named her, but I would rather not use names, so I will
say GL. She is very good, and really gets things out of me
that none of the other stupid psychiatrists etc managed.
She asks a lot about my family, so I think that must be
something that she has picked up on as being important.
Maybe it always is...

She also asks about sex and whether I enjoy it, which is a
bit scary - it's not something to talk to strangers about,
especially when you know that you have to be really honest.
Also, that tells me it is another aspect that is coming
over as important. Sexuality...?

Gestalt therapy. What is that? I'm gonna look. WOW! This is
exactly like a manual guide to the sessions we have. I
don't think I like that, but it makes very interesting
reading, seeing what is being done and how I am being

Gonna read some more.

Speak tomorrow.


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