Mysterious Attitude
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2001-04-25 03:15:36 (UTC)

Tuesday April 24,2001

10:08 pm

Guess what guess what??!!!!!¿¿¿ Well I just got home at
like... 9 sumthin and I got online... well Bobby was
online.. he imed me and was like can u come out? I was all
like yeah why not and any other time I wouldn't do it.. but
I did today.. So he pulled up in this van.. and I got in..
and we started talking and stuff.. the like out of no where
he leaned over and kissed me.. I was like damn.. I dunno
what to do.. and the thing was.. it was my first kiss...
yeah that's right... MY FIRST KISS!!! I tell u... my heart
was beating really fast... I was like out of breath and I
can bearly talk... lol I don't even know if I did it
right... but I think I did cuz I had to like push him away ... I told
him it was the first so he knows that... He is supposed to call me
later.. and if he does.. I guess I did it right... It's hard to
explain how it felt... no words can really describe it... It was
magical... hehe So I'm all happy and shit... As soon as I got back
upstairs.. I called my sister and told her what happpened.. She was
like ohh really... and she said he better not try anything else or
she will kick his ass... lol... and ohh yeah check this.. the whole
time I was talkin to Bobby.. my uncle was outside changin the light
blub... so yeah I could of got caught... hehe but I didn't thank
god!! Seriouly right now I feel like im in one big dream and I still
haven't woke up... I'm like feelin all good.. I haven't felt this
good 4 a LONG time... Well that's all I can really say bout my kiss
hehe.. damn I like how them words sound...and damn my song Do Me Baby
by Prince just came on the radio.. and it never plays.. I wonder does
that mean sumthin? I mean thats soo odd.. hehe


School was aight today... until like I dunno until I was bout to go
home.. cuz this gurl Daniell that hates me 4 no reason.. gave me this
letter.. I was like well maybe she is tryin to be my friend.... Well
I was wrong she wrote my name and sum ugly ass boyz name and said
4ever 4 like... So I'm goin to kick her ass now.. cuz I have had
enough of her shit.. she is always sayin shit to me.. and always
givin me dirty looks.. So I'm goin to make it so she will have
something to hate me 4!!! Well aight thats bout all... what a day..
I'm like... whoa hehe.... so thats all I gotta say 4 now.. bye bye