Pure Belligerence
2001-04-25 02:33:41 (UTC)

*Yes, i think the exercise might just kill me, i mean it*

Today at school we had CAPT test practice..... boring
boring boring, and if you dont live in connecticut you
probably dont know what they are.... be thankful. CAPT
tests, or as Mr. O calls them, CRAP tests, stand for
connecticut achievement placement test. They suck. Its
this thing given to us by the state for funding.... i think
it was about 92% of the people who took the practice test
failed. Its only for sophomores, yippy. You get one for
every subject and for most its a 5 paragraph essay, which
isnt all that hard but they word it so akwardly you cant
read all the sources given to you in the given amount of
time. I got 15 minutes to read 8 documents, not easy let
me tell you. In bio, well, not really because i had no bio
class, mrs. w was absent, we went to a study in room 1313.
It was some young spanish teacher and she said to us just
because youre in a study doesnt mean you can talk, only the
seniors whos study this normally is can talk. umm, ok
there, how bout not lady? So because there werent enough
desks she let us go to the library. Me and alicia went and
she was playing solitare on a computer until this mean nosy
guy who i dont even think is a teacher told her if she
didnt have any work to do she was to get off the computer.
She just sat there not knowing what to do for a minute
because i dont think she knew if he was kidding or not. He
wasnt, because he said if she didnt get off he would just
unplug the computer, heh, what a stupid dumbass, you dont
just unplug a computer while its not.... Then i saw sasha
come in and she was mouthing words to me while she was
using the computer but i couldnt hear her so i told her to
come over and she did. Shes so funny. Most people think
shes stuck up but once you get to know her its just the
opposite. I had bio and then lunch, so i skipped lunch in
and stayed in the library, alicia went though, i think she
was mad i wasnt giving her my full attention, and i
convinces sasha to skip her computer class and stay with
me. We had a great time and the dude i like (who shall for
my sake remain nameless) had been looking over at me the
whole time me and alicia were there, and i thought he might
be looking at her, but then when she left he kept on
looking so now im happy!!! In gym we started tennis.....
yeah! I love tennis, alicia said she likes it but she
really sucks, im not gonna tell her this because it would
hurt her feelings and make her all defensive (which she
normally is anyways). She hits the ball over the fence
behind me... or way off to the left to the next court. I
tried to help her but she only got defensive (mentioned
above). She hit it over my head once again and she said im
hitting them right to you, why dont you hit it when i do it
good? And i told her, im not ten friggen feet tall dear, i
cant be expected to hit the ball with a serve like that.
Last marking period we had health issues, and we were
supposed to hand in our journals we had written in everyday
we had class... but i didnt do this which means i fail the
marking period of gym because the journals were worth 90%
of our grades for 3rd quarter. Hopefully i can beg mr.
mcdougal to let me hand it in late with a lame ass excuse,
even though he said no late journals will be accepted....
And then, in global studies, I came in and mike was talking
to me, i was kidding around with him, and steve comes and
says oh shes in a bitch mood today..... im just like umm no
hun in fact im not..... And then i had to stay after to
take my math test so i did and talked to shalane after for
awhile then walked home again, it was so hot out today and
all uphill and i just about died! I mean, i like to
exercise, just on flat ground with airconditioning. Then i
went to forensics, heather was teaching and her husband
came for a guest lecturer because hes a fire marshall in
nyc so he talked about his stuff, we saw some charred
bodys.. the usual. I talked to susan and she seems really
nice, she just got accepted to a college she wanted to go
to which is cool, she wants to major in criminalistics.
Afterwards, we got out early, at 6:30 so we went to watch
the track meet for awhile, kathryn came with us, its was
fun. And now i sit here typing listening to my stepfather
puking down the hall.... hmmm, no more mexican food for
him.... i hope he stops that nonsence before i go to bed, i
need to be well rested tomorrow.

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