Visions Of Life
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2002-02-06 14:24:33 (UTC)

The Annoyances Of The Male Species.. + Other Tidbits..


Okay.. I am feeling a bit better. Dont feel AS empty or
numb. I am still unsure about some things. I wish I had
more female friends. The majority of my friends are male
which I like but I need a girl to talk to and those are
sparse in my world. Hell, they are even sparse in my
fantasy realm. What o what is this maiden to do?

What is it with the male species and their sick need to
always "fix" things? Every guy I talked to yesterday was
trying to "fix" my life. I dont need people fixing my life.
Just listen. If I need help, I will ask. What the hell do
guys think I am? A fucking dansel in distress? I dont think
so. I am the maiden with the fuckin bow and arrow pointed
at your cock. I can defend myself. I can take care of myself
(i either need to quit reading those books or quit escaping
to my fantasy realm).Like I said, if I need help, I will
ask for it. Tho whats annoying is when I ask for help, I
never get it and when I dont want help, I get it.Maybe
there is a language barrier between males and females(i use
males as an example because again, outside of work, I have
no contact with the female species). The other annoying
thing about the male species is that they keep trying to
give me money. I know I complain about being poor and it
does suck but hell, I work for my money, I dont take
charitable pity donations. I appreciate the offer and all
but I cant take money from people. Goods and services dont
make me feel as bad but handing me a 20 makes me feel
awful... Maybe if you were paying me for a good or

Its a good thing Im not a Christian female. I am way to
independent to sucumb to that madness. If a man ever asked
me to stay home with the children, I would smack him. If a
man ever said he was going to stay home with the children,
Id smack him. Daycare os good for children(and working is
good for adults). Builds character and is educational. I
have proof. My lil brother. I dont plan on having children
and I doubt Ill have a man in the future, but if I do...

Do lesbian couples who live together get sexually
frusterated? When women spend alot of time together, their
menstrual cycles happen at the same time(why i do not know
but its true)That means 1/4 of the time, neither partner
gets Pleasure. I know after 1 day without sex, I am aching
for Pleasure and after a week Im about to ravage the
produce section at King Soopers. They could still exchange
Pleasures( i need to lay off the but thats
nasty during the moon cycle and plus, that kind of blood is
full of bad energy. It is uterarian waste(*laughs* I sound
like Bush)

The school issue is coming into focus but still far away. I
wish I could fill out that damn Fafsa form but I am having
issues. And because I am not 21 or married or pregnant, i
am considered "dependant" on my parents or some shit like
that. If that affects what they help with I will be pissed.
Being "dependent" on my parents means to fill out my form I
need their social security card, work info and first
born... Wait a sec.. Imthe first born... Fuck.. Im
screwed.. lol