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2002-02-06 14:07:26 (UTC)

The Time... (OWEEOWEEO)

I have the time stuck in my head...

Jungle Love... I've watched Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
way too many times. I constantly have this song stuck in
my head because it's the song the time performs at the end
of the movie.


lol. I've been in a pretty good mood lately. I just feel
like I'm caught in the blahs... The same routine day after
day tends to do that to you. I can't wait for president's
day because it's the next time I can stay home from
school... Break the daily routine.

This isn't like HS where I could just say "ya know, I don't
feel like going to school today". Now, if I miss one day,
My average is killed. We have a professionalism grade and
it is determined by how many days we've missed. So far I
haven't missed any and that's spanning three sets of
classes so far. I have been in school every single time
these doors were open since I started here in September.
It's an accelerated course so I don't get that many days
off. I had 2 weeks for Christmas. It was so relaxing. I
did nothing but catch up on my sleep the whole two weeks.

I'm starting to think in programming languages and video
game formats. I was thinking about planting a garden in
the summer and then I remembered that it's not as easy as
it is in Harvest Moon... :-P I need little harvest
sprites to take care of my garden for me. lol

I also found out today that women in their fertile years
have a hightened sensitivity to smells. That must explain
why I smell things that my boyfriend doesn't. He thinks
I'm crazy but now I have proof that I'm not ^_^ at least
with the smell thing anyway.

Here's my horoscope for today...

Wednesday, February 6, 2002
You ought to find it a little easier to express yourself
with friends and partners today than it may have been in
the past, and this should help you all enjoy some good
times together. Plan to do something fun or romantic if you
can, and don't be afraid of expressing your feelings for

That said, I really love Travis!!!!!!!!!!


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