Evil Elvis
2002-02-06 14:03:52 (UTC)

Fear The voices.....


Hmmmm is a funny word, it can be postive, negative or
neutral, it has no meaning, yet throw it into a
conversation and see the effect it can have!!!

This week has definitely been a hmmmm kinda week. Started
off sorta ok, and has gone pretty woooooopeeeeee from

Been dealing with more PC replacements in work so that's
been good, keeping busy n stuff and no boss in this week to
not do her job and lump me with her shit!!! W0000t!

Celtic got beat last night, but I don't care, it's only the
league cup so its not so important.....If they can score
with goals like that (and it was a peach) then I say all
the best to them...pity they can't do it in a competition
that really matters :P

The reason I don't care is, well...I dunno....Maz and I are
talking again. But I dunno, it seems that depsite what
happened in the last week or so, we are closer than we ever
have been...I mean, we spent 4hrs on the fone last night,
talking weird random stuff and laughing at nothing. She was
telling me earlier in the night how some of the weird
random shit I say has worn off on her....apparently big Sam
had even noticed it last week saying we talk the same way
now!!! ARGH SCARY!!! I hate to say this cos it sounds
really shitty, but if she is back with her ex, the guy must
be something really immense, because there is something
totally amazing going on between us....I am so in love with
her :)