Rev. Twitch

Rev. Twitch
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2002-02-06 13:38:37 (UTC)

Well well well . . .

Well well well . . .


The Nut Shell
1- Entered hospital on All Hallows Eve
2- Discharged after one week
2.5- Started pricing condos
3- Four weeks later, developed absess
4- Two weeks later, developed colonic infection
5- Second week of January had Colonoscopy
5.5- Had solid food that night, then told to remain on
6- Three days later, had surgery
6.5- January 15th, finally had solid food again
7- Released on the 16th, went to parents for a week
8- Moved into new condo January 31st
9- February 5th, started chemotherapy

fun fun fun fun fun.

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