writings on the wall
2002-02-06 11:11:01 (UTC)

new place

saw Stanley online yesterday. he greeted me first. i
was suprised because most of the time, he was the one who
try to avoid having any communication with me. so i guess
i was glad but we didn't talk much. i didn't even know
what to say to him!

he said that i should learn surfing when i get to
Australia which i am seriously wondering if i have the
time. my swimming is only so-so since i have just learnt
swimming last year. so i guess i have to practise swimming
first. thank goodness that i have a swimming pool at the
place i will be staying in Australia. the other problems
would be getting a surfboard & a person to teach me how to

i will be staying at a place called College Square
which is about 15 mins walk away from campus. staying with
a friend's younger sis, who is like 2 years younger than
me. i don't really know her that well & she looked like
those bookworm type. i am afraid that i can't communicate
with her.

well, our apartment is a twin-sharing one, meaning
with two beds in a room. let's just hope that she can
tolerate me & i'll try my best to do the same. i think i
usually get along well with my housemates & roommates so
there shouldn't be a problem,hopefully. staying with her
will mean, less sex, or maybe no sex at all. anyway, let's
hope that it's a blessing in disguise...hey, everyone can
live without sex right?