De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2002-02-06 11:05:10 (UTC)

Twin Sleepin

Wednesday 6/2/02

Today is Waitangi Day, a public holiday to commemorate a
peace treaty signed between the Maoris and European
settlers in New Zealand. Which work!!

bascically i've spent the whole of last night playing
Baldur's Gate 2 with Luke..we hooked up over the LAN and
was hooked to the game till the wee-hrs... when i got back
home, it was almost dawn...heheheh

Benjamin, my friend from Weir House, is also crashin at my
place temporarily till his Weir House room is ready in mid-
feb... he was caught squattin in Everton i've a new roomie!! for a while that
is..which is great...something different to break from the
routine... : P

we had crispy chicken rice at YeChun tonite...yummy....
havent had that in a month... but YokeLeng, Seyan, Kelvin,
Huiwen, Prem, Nick are havin sushi in Singapore!!
aarghhh...apparantly they met up in seyan's hostel in
Prince George Park and am now preparing sushi for a mini-
reunion dinner as i type this... *envy***** wish i can be
back home for Lunar New Year...sighz...

but i should not complain really...things are great here
too....just feelin a teeny weeny homesick in the festive

Happy New Year to my Chinese friends who are readin this..
: )