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2002-02-06 08:17:58 (UTC)

And the Santa Anas Blow.....

Russell Ashby was the quintessential annoying neighbor from
hell-- what w/the perpetual playing of Kingston Trio music
blaring from his house at all hours, the filth-ridden
matresses that took up permamnent residence in his yard,
the daily cuss-fused arguments that sprung up when anyone--
mail carriers, school children, etc.-- crossed his path,
and the bearing of arms in the face of the most minor of
threats (locally, he was known as the fat dude that shot
his last three television sets because his favorite sitcoms-
- one being All In The Family, were cancelled)-- Mr. Ashby
was perhaps the most difficult man in the Hollywood Hills

His infectuously grotesque laughter could be heard from San
Onofre to Palm Springs, sometimes even carried by the
sultry Santa Anas that only seemed to infuse his fathomless
temperment even more. As one of the infamous gusty desert
winds extended its potency westward to the sea, it didn't
take too long before the most unpleasant denizen of Blue
Jay Way lost it. Completely

(Work in progress; based on my lovely neighber Russell
Ashby and his daily episodes of insanity. My muse. My
siren. May God continue to bless his

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