2002-02-06 07:49:58 (UTC)


im loosing my grip on myself.

i cant get warm.

i cant cry
but when i do i cant stop

im out of reach
and i cant find my way back
i cant explain anything to you
because i dont understand either.

everything id ever wanted her to say.

shed never said those words before
too bad
for timing

too bad
and a big fuck me

which is worse.
or being numb.

you tell me. because i cant tell.

both seem to hurt pretty much the same amount.

i wish the world was pink
i wish i could get to sleep man

people that know you.
really fucking know you.
know how to fuck with you.
and it sucks.
so much.

you give someone the power to make you unhappy
because you know that they have so much capability of
making you completly happy.

hurting me.
doesnt hurt her.

im out of breath and out of words to fill the void
the void thats my heart thats spilling out everywhere
all over you
and how do you retract that.
let me pick myself up now.

and shits being thrown at me

crazy all ive ever wanted shit

so many directions
and im just look in yours.
so i know your eyes are straying

im not so crazy.
and even if i am.
thats part of the deal here.

flipped over and over and over and over


you call it.