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2002-02-06 07:32:36 (UTC)

youre in trouble for not..

youre in trouble for not writing me shannon.
ill send you a letter soon. i promise..im sorry im so bad
about things of that sort. but you know that i love you. i
hope so anyway.

im shivering. its cold downstairs.

youre just killing time.
and im killing myself over it.
and you.

tonight was another one of the many nights that was spent
at the waffle house.
it was a really good time there tonight though. that place
makes me so happy. its crazy. a cheap breakfast place with
so much to offer me. i doubt ill ever forget the people i
have met there. or maybe i will. but if i do, i know thats
okay too. and thats a good feeling to have.
i talked a lot to tonia tonight. lol. yeah. i learned a lot
about her tonight...lots more than she probably would have
usually told me. but its okay because, i dont judge like a
lot of people probably would have.

turn your lights down low.

i got one of my old cds back today from christina. thats
good. its making me happy. its funny how you dont really
miss things, or people. too much. until they come back into
your life. and then its also funny how sometimes, its the
exact opposite. you can make people out to be so much more
than they are. and then when they come back, youre

loving you is like a song i replay.

ask you to marry me.


i saw brittany tonight. and she actually looked GOOD
tonight. it was crazy. usually i wouldnt think that shes
attractive at all. which sounds bad. but...it cant be
helped. but tonight she looked good. and i met this really
cool older man oscar. he made my night. i havent laughed
without being fucked up in a long while. and it felt so
good. he was so cute. he lit all of my cigarettes for me.
and usually i wouldnt appreciate it. but life has its way
of making you appreciate little things sometimes. me
anyway. if i find the power to put away my righteousness.
just for awhile.
i yelled at a boy once for opening a door for me.
i wish i knew his name, so i could apologize.
its hard sometimes figuring out what exactly is a fight and
what is just niceness.
hard for me anyway.
after fighting for so many things and so many different
causes everyday. sometimes i loose my reasons. and just
jump to what im accustomed to.
im glad that ive worked on that.
and im glad when shawn lets me open the door for him.
and im glad when he opens the door for me.

christina pissed me off today. she tends to do
that..different types of people i suppose. i dont know.
but...its not something that i like.

adrienne is still gone. i hope that shes better soon.

i talked to robin tonight.

and i talked to jennifer for awhile.
it was good to talk to her. i never really...talk to her
that much anymore. once she gets her car though. im sure
that things will be better with us. she wont be spend ALL
of her time with him. right now she needs him though. and i
understand that.
i didnt even go to her birthday.
shes never going to forgive me for that, i know it. no
matter what she may tell me.
valentines day is coming though.


valentines day. i have never had a good valentines day. not
that i can remember anyway.
i hope that this year is a little bit better.
ill probably be working.

im not tired at all. but i need to sleep. i didnt take a
nap today. i couldnt sleep.

im dying my hair pink tomorrow. highlights.
i hope that it looks cute. i love pink. so very much.

le tigre and the butchies SOON YAYAYAYAY
im excited. considering ive missed the butchies 2 times
that im AWARE of.

im so bad about sending mail out. i need to remember to
send that shit tomorrow. ive been saying that for a week

im applying to usf. even if i dont get in...at least i
applied. right.

i have this constant feeling of nausea.

apparently my fingers have shrunk within a year.
thats strange, i didnt know finger size changed. i guess so
though. or maybe it was always too big and i just never
noticed. heh. yeah, me not noticing something is most
likely the case. im bad about that.

its kind of like our ongoing joke
but its really not funny

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