Nick's Journal
2002-02-06 06:07:52 (UTC)


now you may think that this will be another entry that
bitches about a stupid human emotion but it's not. in
fact this entry glorifies boredom. let me tell you how
bored i have been in the past 1 and a half. i have been
studying for econ and acis, and doing some work. now it
was around 5 mins. into all this i realize that i don't
want to be doing any of it. so i put a pen up my nose. i
don't cram it in there but i loosely let it dangle. i see
my reflection in the computer and i start
chuckling.......actually it's more of a butthead type
laugh. then the pen falls out of my nostril. then i come
up with a brilliant discovery!
how long can i keep the pen in my nose? my record is a
min. 15 secs, but it's only so short because i realize how
boring it is, and i do crazy shit to make it fall out. so
then it's back to econ......i stare at the page and my
mind wanders.......why doesn't pubic hair grow to your
ankles.......can the people in the room next to us smell
my chili challenge farts? i bet they can and that's why i
heard the sound of two bodies drop. then i wonder what
tom cruise is doing right now. i wonder if he's sitting
somewhere shoving pens up his nose. i think of how cool
it woudl be if i could see someone at the second i want to
see them.
then dave comes in with groceries. he's bought
herrings,and we eat them. damn they're good, but i need
the nutritional information, but it's not on the can, you
have to write them a letter to get it............yes, we
wrote the letter, including that dave eats 3-4 cans of the
herrings each day. haha, i wonder if they've ever gotten
a letter asking them for nutritional information. i can
just picture one guy at the desk with cobwebs around him
finally getting a letter. and then they don't send us the
info cos we didn't provide a return envelope.....yeah, so
boredom is a good thing. i mean look at what i've
accomplished...absolutely great.
boredom is so weird. i mean i sat infront of my
computer "studying" and desperately checking my im away
message for a distraction. yeahhhhhhhhh, oh haha. people
ask stupid questoins in my econ class and i guess it's cos
greg was the one who said it it was really funny. so this
girl asks
"so if you're not employed but neither unemployed, what
are you?" and before the teacher responds to this inane
question greg whispers to me
"you are, ah, shut the fuck up you stupid bitch."
hahahhaah i guess you had to be there.
yeah well i hate stupid questions. jesus, like in my
business tech class "so to get a mean average percent
deviation you divide by demand or forecast?" picture an
oaf of a guy asking this, and the teacher explaining it
all very clearly a fraction of a second before.
ok, well i'm done. i'm no longer bored, actually i think i
might sleep, but i am hungry. mmmmmmmmmm herring.