lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-02-06 06:04:40 (UTC)

deep thoughts from jeanshorts...oooh

haha i'm a weirdo. i know. whatever though. man, i just
need to unload my latest readings. lessons which can be
taught but never truly learned until they are experienced

my research shows that a majority of caucasian females
highly overvalue matters concerning the members of the
opposite sex. my research also shows that most people in
general think about God rarely. with those two morsels of
info, i present to you the "mack the knife" theory:

if we, as girls, spent every moment we spend thinking about
boys/dating/romance/kissing techniques/whatever thinking
about God/Jesus/faith/spiritual disciplines/whatever
INSTEAD, we would all be madly in love with Christ like you
would not believe. so, according to the MTK theory, every
time you find yourself pondering what it would be like to
have a date next thursday or when on earth hottie x will
get his groove thang on and pursue you, you should instead
focus your thoughts on blessings, on the character of
Jesus, on the words of an awesome verse, on the creation of
God right in front of your face. ahh i think i'll write a
book and sponsor rehab groups for ladies.

ok sermon over. yes, i'll be happy to speak at conferences.