What's up now?
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2002-02-06 05:47:18 (UTC)

Life, in general....

do you ever get the feeling that you're looking at your
life in one of those winterwonderland globes? And you
really just cant do anything to change how things will turn
out, and youre kinda just a passerbyer, or a specator on
your own life?? I kinda feel like that lately....I just
feel like I am watching some little kid in a toy store
shake up the globe, and I'm just watching...saying
nothing...its odd...I need to talk control I guess...Or
just let things flow...Anyways....Things have been a little
chaotic lately...This week has FLOWN by already, its
wednesday ALREADY!!! Brian's coming tonight, but I have
already had 3 tests, I have one more today, however I did
get lucky, and my 5th one for tomorrow got postponed till
next week...Thats a good thing!!! But ahhh well...maybe
after this week, things will slow down a bit...Hopefully
after tomorrow, brian and I will be okay, and hopefully I
can make it till next weekend when I FINALLY get to go home
and just be home!!! I havent been home, and just been home
in a month and a 1/2....I need to work on that....I miss
everyone a lot, but when I am home, I miss everyone from
here too...tough breaks I guess...But Brian and I need to
work on thats important...I need to make some
sacrifices for awhile...we need to be happy too...and I
really need to be with my friends from home for a bit too...