This is the beloved air I breathe
2002-02-06 05:19:11 (UTC)

somewhere over the rainbow

Why is it that we spend our whole lives searching for Joy
and love and some of us feel like we are completely
see, cause i have a little secret, there is a way to find
joy and love, and you never had to have sex with a single
person to get it. You dont even have to do anything
really, all you have to do accept the truth about who
Jesus is and truly believe that He does love you. There
are not catches here. God is not looking to get anything
out of you, all he wants you to do is allow him to love
If you say that you have searched for God and he has not
answered, than I question as to whether you were truly
being open and asking for the truth or only affirmations
for your already set beliefs. See, cause God makes a
promise. Jeremiah 23 says that "You shall seek me and
find me. If you seek me with all of your heart I will be foound by
you". God makes that promise, and a promise
from God is not anything to scoff at.

I am single right now, but I am perfectly content. There
is someone I'm interested, but there is something that I
had to realize before I could entertain the idea of a
relationship with that person. The thing that I had to
realize is that i don't NEED human love for my life to be
fulfilling. My heart is filled with love, and I get all
that I need from the One who created me. See, He made
me, so he knows exactly what I need, and He's going to
give it to me at the time I need it.
This guy, I do love him. I love him as a brother in
Christ, and I do not need him whispering romantic lulabies
in my ear in order for me to know my love for him. I can
show my love for him now in allowing him to grow close to
God and by allowing him to get the things squared away in
his life that he needs to take care of. That way when we
do come together, we will be ready for each other.

have a wonderful night. Breathe in a deep fresh breath of
air and thank someone that you are alive to breathe it!