Fazzy's Memoires....
2002-02-06 05:14:46 (UTC)


Well today a sweeet and GOOD looking girl asked me
politely if i could update my diary. Well... How can i say
noo.. :)

So here you go Christy.. :) I'm updating my diary.. :)

Well, things are starting to change for the best i
think.. hehe Yesterday i had an appointement downtown for
an information session about Welfare or now called Ontario
Works. I learned that indeed they do pay for a course that
i want to take. The course is called Common Core, and it's
obligated to have that if i want to become a miner. I guess
for some people this job doesnt mean alot to them. I mean
why would someone go work 6000 meters below ground, sweat
and work in some really pooor conditions.

If my dad did it for 30 years than i think i can do it.
Beside i'm noo small boy and hard work never turned me away
(( like it does to alot of people )). Money is really goood
in the mines. You make 60,000 $ a year. :)

Soo i have another meeeting to attend on the 18th of
this month to pick up the paperwork and to know what i need
to do to fill it in. Then the paperwork is sent to my
worker which will decide if they will give me the money to
take the course. :)

This week, on Friday i've got to go back downtown at
Welfare to do a little course... the course is about safety
in the workplace. After the course, which is about 2
hours.. you write a little test and if you pass you get
WHIMS certified.. That will help me more to get a good
job.. :)

Cant you tell i'm excited.. :)

And i'm a bit happy when i learned that you lived only
about 2 hours away from where my friend lives. I might go
pay him a visit sometime, when i get some money and time
off.. hehe ANd maybe, who knows, i'll go out of my way 1
day and spend it with you Christy. We'd go out to dinner,
take a walk, chit chat playing pool or something. And then
when night falls i'll drop you back home and drive back to
2 hours away.. :) Just passsing time with you 1 day will
make me happy for ages to come.

It's getting late, soo i'm gonna hit the sack...

Talk to you sooon,