2002-02-06 05:08:54 (UTC)


So today was another day. . . .I took my first test last
night I think it went okay, at least i'm pretty sure I
didn't fail it. At work today they thought they'd bring in
a bunch of new crap so we had to move shit around all day
and "organize". Blah. blah it was super annoying. Yeah
and My stupid app. nutrition class yeah i think i might
fail it, seriously, it's really hard. . And it is pointless
and it is not even part of my major.. . blah. SAC was good
tonight it's so hard to fit it in to my schedule sometimes
but I'm still makin time. REAL WORLD was okay ya know took
my mind of studying for a little while anyhow:)

Question of the day:

What do you do when you realize that you can't have what
you want?

Funny Event of the day:

Janet falling out of her chair b/c she was tipping back
too far. . .lots o' noise.

Happy Event of the day:

Some things are being worked on.