Book of Shadow and Light
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2002-02-06 04:56:42 (UTC)

Dun dun duuun

Hiya, how goes it?

Well, lately I've been kind of... I don't know. Not in
a bad mood, but I guess at a crossroads of sorts. I don't
see a single sign that tells what is down any of the roads
so I am left guessing as to what is down each of those
roads and which one I should take. I'm not sure that I
have figured out what is down any of those roads, but I am
sure that I am at a crucial time. This is how I feel; I'm
not sure how I could explain or give this in detail any
farther than I have. Heh. Kinda Sucks.

Another thing that is going on is that I've finally
admitted to my self and to others that I truly need
glasses. I hate this more than anything. Sure, I have
fine eyesight MOST of the time, but then I get in class and
I really notice it. I can't read the board in some
classes. I feel really crappy about this, but I'm glad
that it's a reading problem and I can see other things
fine. I have no problems with long or short distances.
It's just words that give me a problem. I suppose it's
natural. My dad needed glasses when he was young. Of
course he didn't wear his, heh. Go figure... Another
thing is the amount of time that I spend reading. When I
am at home I am either reading, or on the computer most of
the time. I guess that contributed. I go to get glasses
Friday. It's gonna suck, but I suppose I have to live with
it even if I don't want to.

Also, in my search for a summer job Fletcher has given
me an interesting alternative. He is, strangely enough, a
boy scout and has been so for years. Every summer he works
as a counselor/teacher/whatever guy at boyscout camp. He
gets paid for this, of course and this year, which I'm sure
will be his last year doing it, he shall be making about
1300 dollars for his six weeks. That is GOOD for boy scout
type things. Any way, he sais that he can get me on. I'd
basically be signed up as a boy scout and get to teach boy
scouts... stuff. It'd be six weeks in a place that I would
greatly enjoy. Woods, lakes etc. My domain. I'd be paid
too, but it would be almost nothing. For six weeks of it
Fletch estimates about five-hundred dollars. MEASLY pay.
Goddess, that's waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy under minimum wage.
Heh. I need money. That is plain and simple. I need
money and more than just five-hundred. I have a soon-to-be-
fixed Trans Am to fix up and support (My parents are quite
generous in helping, though), along with other things I
enjoy. I'm not really quite sure. There are quite a few
things to put into account... Unfortunately I haven't
figured out what all of those things are.

I'm seventeen (at least I will be in March) and I need
a job. My parents demand that I get a job and I kind of
want a job. Well, it's not exactly that I wish for a job.
It's more like I recognize my need for a job. Heh. They're
hard to come by! And they will certainly be during the
summer... When I think of that... the camp thing sounds
alright. Free meals, get to brainwash little children,
live with Fletch in a tent for six weeks (well, that will
be amusing, but I dunno if I should count that as a Pro.
Hehe), and generally have an interesting experience. On
the other hand, I'll be there for most of my summer. I'll
make VERY LITTLE money, and I won't be exactly the most
free of persons... Oi, I'm not sure. I just dunno. This
shouldnt really be bothering me... yet, atleast. I'm not
even sure if I'll have job. (That's more than I can say
for any other job, though.) It's February... I should just
relax, but I dunno. I need to make a decision. Heh.

Anyway, I've babbled for toooo long. I'm off.

'till the morrow and Goddess Bless

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