2001-04-25 00:29:04 (UTC)

An expression of faith

The cross that I wear clearly labels me a daughter of
God. It is my responsibility to live up to that grace. So
the question is: how can I bring glory to the Lord?
The answer is not in advertising my faith at every
opportunity. That cheapens it, making Christianity nothing
more than a personality quirk. Jesus prayed in solitude,
reserving those words for the Father alone. So shall I.
I must remember that Christianity is a way of life,
and I have chosen it. I cannot shed my cross and follow
the ways of the world, for that would dishonor God. As a
Christian, I am a living example of His love, and I cannot
afford to make mistakes that would turn others away.
Nor can I be overzealous, reducing Christianity to its
stereotypes on television. I do not bring glory to the
Lord by alienating myself from others, but by integrating
myself with them. Not by being loud, obnoxious, and
aggressive in my faith; but by being soft, subliminal, and
humble. I cannot evangelize with threats, quotes, and
pleas; rather, by leading an example lifestyle and loving.
More than anything else, by loving.

I guess that the question I am struggling with is
where to draw the line. It is my duty and desire to bring
people to Jesus, but how do I go about it?
All I can do for now is show people that I care.
Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Atheists alike. It is God's
job to convince them, and my job to love them.