A model's life
2002-02-06 04:12:28 (UTC)

I am as broke as a joke

dear diary,
i am so fucking tired. i dont have skool tomorrow and i am
happy, i am like failing outta skool....o joy.... sarcasium
sux, doesnt it? anyways..
im saving up money to buy my new louis vuittion purse
becausi am in like LOVE with it, lol. it costs $550 plus
tax so ive gotta do a LOT of chores ASAP TO BUY IT.

well hm....let me fill u on whuts up...
well im single and thats not cool, ive been single for like
Ever, NO KIDDIN...i like this guy, cassey but he doesnt
exactly like me so whatever....hopefully ill be able to
change that soon..

i dont have anyting else to say sooo goodbye,