Days of My Life
2001-04-24 23:10:11 (UTC)

About Tim

We went to the hospital last night with Leslie to see Tim.
He was awake and talking. This was new and a very big
surprise for us!! For the last week, he had been sedated
and unconsious. When we walked into his room in CCU, he
blinked his eyes and looked right at me and said hi. You
could have pushed me over with a feather! We are SO
relieved! But, Cindy, one of the best nurses up there, sat
us down and explained that his fight is far from over. And
the possibility was extremely good that he will get worse
before he gets better. He will probably be in CCU for
another month. Then in a regular room for another few
weeks. And Tim doesn't have any health insurance. But he
can worry about that later. Leslie keeps worrying about
how he will pay. I told her he'll have no choice other
than to file a medical bankruptcy. But I don't want either
of them worry about that.

Cindy also said that they were getting mixed signals as far
as Tim's drinking is concerned. His mom told them he
didn't drink. We know for a fact (Tim told us) that he had
been drinking since he was little. About the age of 10 or
12. His father is an alcoholic and his mother drinks and
does drugs. I think she's in denial about Tim's problems.
He cuts himself, too. We know Leslie used to do that, but
I don't think she does anymore. And we know that she wants
Tim to stop cutting.

I guess you can tell that my mind is on Leslie and Tim
alot. I really love them both and hope Tim gets completely
back to normal.