Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
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2002-02-06 02:33:18 (UTC)


I know I haven't written in a while but there is
nothing worth writing. Just the same old shit. My
grandfather is dying so my dad's side of the family is
going to fall apart soon. And, I am still fat. And,
David is acting weird toward me. I think he might know
about me and Jay. Mrs. Brumfield will probably get mad at
me tomarrow because I didn't stay to take that make up
test for her today. My grades are borderline A's again.
But, this quarter I don't seem to even be intersted
anymore. Tennis starts next Monday but I don't know if I
am going to be able to play. I am not in good physical
shape and I hate Coach Dan! I have to take four tests
tomarrow but I really don't care. I am slipping away from
life. Nothing exites me anymore. I am still throwing up
and using laxitives. I am a discusting person. I don't
have any energy left anymore. I don't know why. I barely
do anything as it is, but know I find myself coming home
from school only to eat and sleep. I don't really eat at
school though anymore. I hate the food there and I don't
like knowing that I will be forced to let it digest as I
sit through class. I always find myself saying it will be
better next week. "Once this week is over," I tell
myself, "I will get my life back on track." But it never
happenes. That next week turns out to be just like the
one before. And, my mom is still not home and she said
she wanted to talk to me about something that has to do
with my mom and my dad and Greg. She said she has to ask
me something. Well, I am going to go call her and figure
out what is going on with that.