2002-02-06 02:25:17 (UTC)

Just another Tuesday

"I wish I could be God, but I realize I am not nor could I
ever be" - words I believe Howie Block has thought before.
My dear friend whom I have always held in the highest
esteem among intelligent people.
"Punk shows, punk music, emo, anything dealing with music
or shows or bands. I have to think of something to say. I
have nothing else to talk about." - Ideas I can imagine
Puzzo thinking everytime before he speaks. It is so great
he is so into his music, but I kinda wish he would talk to
me about something else.
"I need to impress her. She is cute. Does she like me at
all? Gee, I hope she thinks I am hot or at least cute. I
wonder if she has thought of me naked. Hmmm." - random
thoughts that have probably gone through Casey the frat
boy's head since meeting me.
"Ohh my God! I have to try and overreact and be obnoxiously
boisterous, or else no one will believe that I am upset or
happy about anything. I need to make a scene, or else no
one will even notice I am there. I act as if it is so much
worse than it really is." - These thoughts definately go
through Michelle's head.
"Boys? Why do I torture myself about boys? I should just
forget about boys. I would be better off without them right
now. I need some space. Girls! Ahhh I hate some girls! They
are so obnoxious! Unfortunately, I can be too when I meet
these girls or am dealing with them. I need to relax and
take this calmly. I need to slow down and think about
situations and not overreact. Because those are the girls
that make me so mad. Overly dramatic girls need to realize
it isn't going to get them anywhere with anyone, besides
their parent's" - my own thoughts. Am I a hypocrate? Who