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2002-02-05 23:16:36 (UTC)

A deer has been saved - Good days at Paradise

Another day in paradise. Well some people travelled to some
hills at borders of my big city. Trees and forests. Some
deer was crushed by some old car. People saw it and save it.
Tried to carry to a pet doctor. They could not make
anything about wild life. Then people brought to my home
town. For some hours it waited for help come. It was a young
deer. Orange and gray to head. I guess it had 26 pounds.
It was hited at head. I invite many people of my home town
to visit the deer. Most did not accept because they were
afraid to see the hurted deer. Fireguards came and lead deer
to some park. There are biologs and doctors that could
heal and save deer. Some friend became so happy just because
heard about deer. I felt better and alive after knew the
medium animal.
I think it is so different of civilization without
obligations and laws so neat but still with feelings and
needs as every people would have. It made me alive again.
Mel history at background. I do not know what is going on
her. But I think if it is not the same with me. She is not
dating and has many toughs behind her. Thinking she is some
nuts and easy to get. I could ignore some enemy. A Mel false
friend that could make her unhappy with lies.
Tomorrow is time to conquer back her heart. Carol is in line
too. Every time she is with Mel seems to be so good and
normal. I felt will to do what my heart was feeling. Just
to tell some poem and see what she would know about me and
her. My war my heart my friends.