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2002-02-06 02:03:15 (UTC)


February 05, 2002
This past Friday and Saturday I went to Disneyland with a
group of friends it was sooooo much fun. It was Nick
Valen's birthday. So many cute guys. Plus I made a couple
of new friends. So that made it even better. We went
dancing, went on rides, had an awesome sleepover, and got a
chance to unwind. OH yeah, Don went, what a hottie. Yep still have
a thing for him. I was going to drive up there but at the last
minute my mom changed her mind. Figures. Typical mother. Lol. A
few other good looking guy friends went too. It was awesome....
getting a little tired going to go and sleep now. Have to go
bicycling with a friend in a hour, so I have to be rested. Well talk
to you later.

Love ALways,