2001-04-24 22:32:52 (UTC)

ahh what a day :nods

Ima try this again.. because.. someone wrote back to what i
said.. and what she said was right... i do know what im
talkn about.. but like i don't do it.. well if you read
this again.. i got myself.. all.. better now i guess you
could say? and Thanks ;). But anyway on to today... it's
tuesday.. oh joy.. school. what a freaking drag. im sick of
it.. but like mommmmy say's *i only have one more year
after this* but i guess she doesn't understand school these
day's.. i mean shore.. its still got the same concept and
whatnot.. but things are differnet... i mean.. my
teaches... man.. if they have there only children.. they
favor the people that are like there children the most.. i
mean.. man. it gets me mad.. but whatever.. i know im doing
bad.. but.. hopefully ill do good the rest of the
year..Matfew says im mean... ;[.. im not mean.. im just
kinda upset about a lot of things.. but.. i'll get over
it... i miss daidra.. and whatnot.. i wanna move to Ri.. to
be closer to all my friends there so rad its not even
funny. not to mention my Bf lives down there [45 freaking
minutes away] :shrugs:. I love Cold