In the Eyes of a Dreamer
2002-02-06 01:41:34 (UTC)

Science (and chicken wings) are cool

FIELD TRIP! I thought a trip to the sports center at the
Science center in Pittsburgh would be totally dull, but it
was totally awesome! I've always wanted to be in one of
those orbit moving things like they use in NASA, and I got
my chance. It was friggin cool! and we rode some roller
coaster things and played virtual sports. pretty cool! and
then we went to Quaker State and Lube....WOOHOO! all praise
chicken wings! we amused ourselves (me, sarah, and katie
that is) by making kenny and stephen hold a eating contest.
I don't think either one of them won, but it was pretty
Oh yeah, then we took a detour to the BlueLake in
W.Virginia. oh,my, GOD that is so disgusting. There are so
many chemicals dumped in it that it actually GLOWS. Sarah
contacted Green Peace about it, but they said our area is
so bad that they can't really do anything about it. Good
old Ohio. well the lake is in WV, but close enough.
Nates kicked me out of my own room so he can talk to
his girlfriend on my phone. the inhumanity! my little 6th
grade brother is pimpin an 8th grader. LOL he's definatly
cooler than me at that age. i never had boyfriends in grade
school, becuz i mostly hung out with all the guys. i wasn't
a tomboy, but i just wasn't big on the "dating" thing. "so-
and-so is 'going out' with him/her!" going out where? the
playground? they're in freakin grade school, they can't
even ride thier bikes across town! okay well maybe they
can, but anyway.
well im gonna end this now, becuz i'm running out of
things to ramble about!

* listening to the ben folds five cd, wearing an atticus
shirt with a thermal, and jeans. i'm also playin literati
at yahoo (the names supersonicdreamer02 there).....