My life through me
2001-04-24 22:26:19 (UTC)

Screwed life is pretty dumb right now. I hate it. Whenver I
like a guy things get so screwed up and it is usually for
stupid reasons like me or my friends. See right now I like
this guy and his name is Tony. But my best friend also
likes him. Her name is Julie. Now first of all let me tell
you that I liked him first. And I know that it doesn't
matter but hey I don't care. So this is my story: I like
Tony, Julie my best friend likes Tony. Tony likes me and
Julie but he likes Julie ten times more. (ugh doesn't that
suck?) ok but anyways Mike also likes me but Mike is Tony's
best friend. So this is some fat love triangle if you want
to put it that way. Now the thing that really bothers me is
that Tony liked Julie one day. She totally led him on into
thinking that she liked him which she didn't at the time.
Then Tony got really mad when he found out that she didn't
even like him so he stopped liking her and thought that she
was the biggest bitch and had the WORST personality. I
helped him alot this day with Julie. Because I know that
this sounds really cheesy but I really didn't want him to
be sad. I don't know if any of you have ever liked someone
and just wanted them to be happy. But what really sucks
about that is when they are happy and they don't even
realise how much it hurts you. ok but back to my story...He
got mad at Julie and stopped liking her. When she found out
that he stopped liking her she suddenly out of nowhere
started liking him again! I don't know if it was like you
know when you know that someone likes you and you don't
like them but suddenly when they stop liking you, you feel
sad because you wonder why they stopped liking you? Or
maybe she just wanted what she knew that she couldn't have
anymore. But anyways she started liking him and then he
started liking her again. And throughout this whole thing I
liked and still do like Tony. But now they both like each
other and what I really don't know is how Tony can still
like her after all of that. And I don't know if he likes
her because of her boobs and the fact that he thinks that
he can get some or if he really happens to like her
personality. And I know that he is going to ask her out
soon and she is most likely going to say yes without even
thinking about how I like him ALOT! So that sort of bothers
me because she is my best friend. And so I know how at the
beginning of this whole thing I said something about how
Tony's best friend Mike likes me. Well he told me that he
liked me and it sucked so much because I like his best
friend and I told him that I didn't like him because I
didn't want to lead him on. And I wasn't really mean about
it and I didn't really know what else to do. So yeah that
is all that I am going to write for now because I have to
stop and think for a little bit so yeah....Bye bye for
now! :Þ

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