Birdy: Where am I now?
2001-04-24 22:23:25 (UTC)

So tired...

I'm so tired. This morning, my alarm clock went off at six
and I was all pumped to get up, but I layed my head back on
the pillow and fell back to sleep. My brother woke me up at
6:45. I had slept very deeply, too.
Today was an okay day. The teachers are piling on the
homework. I hate my English teacher with all of the power
of the stars in the sky! I hate her and I think her
teaching tactics suck. I HATE HER, I HATE HER, I HATE HER!
Today, I asked her if we needed our books and she snapped
very cruelly "I told you yesterday that you didn't need
them anymore!" She didn't tell us anything like that! When
I asked her when we were getting our binders back she
snapped "I have a lot to do. You'll get them when I'm
done!" It's too hard for the fat bitch to get off of her
gigantic ass and grade some damn binders, isn't it! I
looked over at the pile she said was done and five binders
sat on the table. She's had the binders all vacation! What
a bitch.
Anyway, everyone says BK flirts with HJ really bad, but
today in E.S. I go to HJ "Hmmm, I wander what a super
position is! (name of rock aging or some crap) and he
goes "Well, come over to my house and I'll show you...Are
you flexible?" I was so taken aback! I gasped! I stared! I
couldn't beleive he said that! Now, HJ has the sweetest
girlfriend anyone could ever imagine, CR. CR, flirts with
no one, but HJ is convinced she does. Oh well.
I can't believe it's only Tuesday! This week is going by
super fast. I hate spanish! That class is so boring and it
Well, I gotta go. There's a pile of homework calling my
name...and a Harry Potter book! (I know that sounds
childish but I am seriously addicted to those things and i
think I need professional help! Seriously!)