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2002-02-06 00:59:50 (UTC)

Love, life and all things confusing!

Hey there space kittens, Alex here, giving the low down in current

What the hell am I doing? I'm letting my emotions get in my
way again. I don't think this is a good idea, although I'm
sure that some inter-friend relationships are successful
this hasn't been the case with ANY of my friends in the
past and I don't want things being awkward between anyone.
Being this way does not help me at all, nor will it help
anyone else involved. I'm being so selfish it's
unbelieveable. if they are going to be happy with each
other then I should let it be and wish them all the best. I
just can't though. Ian is ne of my best friends and I see
Christine as a little sister (even if she's older than me).
I'd hate for either of them to get hurt. I might just be
being bitter about it or something, I've never been an
expert in love and stuff. It might just be resentment
towards anything even slightly resembling a couple. I'm so
confused about such things. Why can I keep it claer and
cool-headed when it doesn't directly involve me? No doubt
such questions have been on the tongues od many people in
he past and I bet peole have and will come far closer to an
answer than I ever will. the evolution of my personality is
overcoming me and I cannot find any way to counter the
effects. I miss the sensibility of the old me. This would
never have happened a year ago. And something more
peculiar, why does the potential pair off with Ian and
Christine bother me so much when the whole Ruth/Andrew
thing has little effect on my thinking? Something more for
Ian and/or Christine that I'm not prepared to admit? I'd
hope not, this would intorduce even more trouble into an
already confusing scenario. One things for certain, I can't
interfere with the future so I should not dwell on what
could be and prepare myself for what will be, whatever that
is. To put yself at ease, I should just drop this whole
thing but I fear it will show itself sooner than I hope.

Alex Signing Out, till next time space kittens

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