Baby Story
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2002-02-06 00:39:31 (UTC)

18 wks 0 days

Today is the LAST day that I have to work TWO jobs and live
in utter exhaustion!!! What a relief! I am very happy to
say goodbye to this double shift routine, and HELLO to
evening dinners and naps. I not only NEED, but DESERVE
this break. YAY! Nelson met me at friendly's after work
last night, and we worked out the entire ridiculous
doctor "argument", which I must say was totally STUPID. We
went home and watched the UltraSound together. It wasn't
that great though, because without the doctor there
pointing everything out, it was hard to tell, what was
what. I know, this is a short post, but I don't have a
whole lot going on. Take care everyone! LOVE, me!

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