Angela Nicole

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2002-02-06 00:30:11 (UTC)

Isnt he so sweet

He always knows what to say to make me feel good.. He wrote
this to me..

i love you baby ur the best. i am so hyped for tomorrow i
wish u were cuming its gonna be sooooooooo sweet. i hope u
ahve a good day in school. i hope u have a better day
tomorrow then u did today, i am sure u will. ur the best
baby, we were destined to be together, we will always be
together i love you forever. i dream about the time that
we first meet all the time and i just know its gonna be
perfect. i cant wait till it happens and i just get to hug
and never let go. i didnt quite get my angela fix today,
but i am sure i will get it tomorrow. ur the best. i hate
it when we fight but i love it when we make up it makes us
even stronger i know it does. just sometimes i cant be so
emotional. but ur my first in soooooo many ways. i never
wanted a relationship until i met u. i never knew how
wonderful another person could be. i would be happy if u
were the only person i talked to ever again. we make the
perfect couple. u always know what to say and when to say
it. i love it when we are thinking the same thing it makes
me sooooo happy. ur the best a guy could ask for. i will
never do anything to hurt us. ur the best. lol i keep
saying that but its only cause u are the best. each day i
find something knew that makes my love and desire for you
grow. your an amazing woman with an amazing future and i
am glad that future is going to be with me. you make me
beleive in fate and destiny, u have changed my perspective
on life, i cant believe i found u. this is the happiest i
have ever been and could ever be. sweet dreams sugar.
g'nite i love you. i will talk to you tomorrow hopefully. i
am sure i will cum home. Nite Hunny i love you

ur dork

I had to edit some of it.. it wasnt very appropiate =)