crackheads thoughts
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2002-02-06 00:05:15 (UTC)

what 2 do

I aint been in here 4 a long time and i dont wanna write
one of my poem's in here right now so ill jsut write what
is going on im my life if people dont like it then dont
read it. Man there is a lot of junk going on right now and
like right after i type this in here the dude that im
talkin 2 is ganna read it but it will be ok. but bout E.T.
dunno what 2 do. I guess i will just have 2 find something
cause im really confused at this time. But i will tell ya
more bout it l8er when i gots time. The is 2 much 2 say and
i can get it out right now cause its all just up i there in
my mind so l8er.