Is the Supercross season not here yet?
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2002-02-05 22:51:55 (UTC)

Insurance sucks

Heh, yeah well my insurance if I want to be actually
driving my car is going to be like $200 a month. Ouch, and
if I had taken Drivers Ed. It would only have saved me $75
dollars a year, so I'm screwed. Well, not really, I just
need to get off my ass and get a job, so I can afford the
freaking expensive insurance. And when I start riding my
motorcycle to school, more insurance expensive... Grrrr...
Somehow I'll manage though. If more than 1/2 the
population of Air Academy can do it, I figure I can to
too. I can work busing tables at the Enlisted Club, for $8
an hour, so that'll be good. Plus its where all the little
Prep school boys eat, heh. Ok, moving on...
Well, today was actually pretty good. Most Silver days
are, easy, simple, a bit boring...
Ahhhh!!! People, that don't have to pay for anything annoy
me. When they get out in the rea world and have to start
paying for everything they are going to be screwed.
Course, I haven't' had to pay for anything much till now.
But still ... heh, that kinda deflates my argument. Oh
Life can be truly complicated sometimes... Yeah *ponders*,
it sucks.
The AMA is really screwing over Supercross next year, and
the Nationals. They just need to get over the money, and
leave it alone!!! Grrr, yet another frustration. Ok, well
I'm done, I'm boring myself ... damn, that sucks