Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2002-02-05 22:28:35 (UTC)

*The titleless abyss...*

Im mad at Bobby. He didnt show up AGAIN to JROTC today,
which means I had to do the presentation all by myself
without a posterboard. AKA hes a slacker. *grrrrrrr* My

Pardon me while i be a perfectionist, but i have an 82 in
Anatomy and Physiology Honours. Thats not good enough. I
want an A. Stupid boring classes.

Tim Wagner hit my butt. Im gunna kick him in his eye.
*grr* And Brian got us with water. I mean, I dont mind,
we got him too, but like, it was cold.

Uggh, were eating soon. :-P I wanna talk to my baby. We
had a really awesome conversation last night. Lemme say
this, I may be only 16, but I think me and him are destined
for eachother....

Gosh ashley, stop being mean to colleen.

Anyways, Matt, I love you so much angel, and I miss you.
Mary, Huggles, I loves and miss you guyz too.