2002-02-05 22:08:38 (UTC)


So years ago I was crazy about this guy ben...and the night
I confessed I had a crush on him he had said something
like, "No girls like me." Well here I am years later
walking across campus with Ken who I will sadly admit I
like and he said,"No girls like me." I held my tongue, I
didn't want to get heart broken again. Though I'm thinking
maybe this is some weird way of guys trying to find out if
us girls like them--or maybe I'm just in an insane world,
bound to repeat history. Ken and I are very flirtatious
together as are Ben and I...also Ken and I did the mock
fighting thing, as Ben and I did in the student center
years ago...It is just now hitting me how similar these
events are turning out. Though I'll hold my tongue and not
tell Ken that I like him, unless he askes me flat out, but
if he does he can expect the same queastion to be asked of
himself concerning his feelings for me. However with my
luck he'll say no and that will be the end of that.

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