The life of Jackie O
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2002-02-05 21:38:12 (UTC)


Alright, I'm warning you: my journal will NOT be one of
those pre-teen "Oh, Johnny LOOKED at me today so, like, my
friend slipped him a note in class and I think he totally
digs me!" type diaries so I'm sorry if you're disappointed. In fact, mine
will actually probably be very boring, but YOU'RE the one
reading them, right?! Alright, I guess I'll start with a top
five list:

5. When Julie, Lauren, and I had the "Would you?" moments.
4. Sunday mornings, stomach full of taco bell, listening
to Burnt Jamb and/or Toad the Wet Sprocket! (also with Ju
and Lauren)
3. THIS IS NOT WHERE ***** **** LIVES! (The first time)
2. The trip to Houma...we almost hit Boyd, we ran into a
MIGHTY large pothole, and we had Tee-Tai's. How could it
possibly get better than that?
1. The best night of Lauren's life: The wreck. Somehow
Lauren and I ended up flipped in a ditch in the middle of no
where. The mean cop made me cry, and thought I was speeding! But the GEO survived. And Lauren and I claimed that the
GEO IS the General Lee. Who got da bootay? WE GOT DA BOOTAY!

Alright, there you go. Oh, about the sickness...the whole
reason I even started this journal dealy is because I am
sick and bored out of my mind...I went to the doctor yesterday
and he said it was Bronchitis. Alright, FUN! I've been
hanging around, watching The Learning Channel and the
History Channel all day...NO LIE! Well, I watch them when
I'm actually AWAKE...Alright I think I'll end this now, so I
can get some replies, etc. STAY TUNED!