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2002-02-05 20:57:52 (UTC)

love and patience

adam and i are back. no people we are not together geez
get your head out of there. and i am sure those rumors are
going to start flying again. *groan* what i mean by we're
back is that my best friend and i are close again. we'd
been drifting and it sucked. it is amazing how much harder
things are without that person by your side. he said the
same thing.

lin needs to grow up. there's no other way to put it. i
despise the fact that we don't hang out like we used to,
but i can't exactly change that with all my activities.
she could come to those if she wanted. but she, who's not
doing anything at the time, won't because of what people
think or may think of her. whatever. just don't blame me
for all of this ok?

i'm doing wonderfully. something has been lifted off of
me, some weight. i don't know exactly what, but i hope it
lasts. it's a terrific feeling that i used to have all the
time but has been gone for a little while now. i'm
ecstatic to have it back. thanks to all who read and
respond, your support is thoroughly appreciated.

love to all who care and patience to all who don't.