listen to my silences
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2002-02-05 20:48:19 (UTC)

gray skies are gonna clear up, put on a happy face

brodie and i are back to the way we were almost. it's a
good feeling. very good. i've missed him and having him
around. we're gonna hang on something i
dunno what. maybe just drive.

geoff seems to be doing lots better. he's going to the
concert tonight with me to see cake. it's gonna rock! i
can't wait. he's trying to sort this whole prom thing out,
and hopefully things will work out.

we're going to the concert with brian, who's been having
problems lately so i hear...i need to talk to him. don't
let me forget.

jamie and i are getting along.

mary is...i dunno. i couldn't tell. something's up. and
it's not school.

lots of problems. i'm really worried about her. i feel
bad cause i'm not around as much anymore. i can't exactly
help that though. i hate being sent on a guilt trip when i
can't do anything about it. but i am sorry i'm not around
that much kel. i'm here for you though. no one can or
will replace you. period. i can't say that enough, but i
am proving it i hope. maybe not, i don't know. but i'm
trying. and i'll keep doing so.

dre-something's up, that's all i know.

i'm doing rather well. spirits up where they always used
to be. friends by my side and me by theirs as much as i
possibly can. i'm here guys. always.

final thought: i will never leave you nor will i forsake you

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