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2002-02-05 20:46:11 (UTC)

i hate report cards.....

well it's the 5th i believe. and yesterday we got our
report cards. and i have to admit i wasnt too happy with my
grades. but my parents didnt have to push it by yelling,
and my brother....well i could've punched his face in. he
just sat on the couch smirking at me. what a dickhead. but
anyways, this marking period and next...i'm gonna work my
ass off til i get all my classes in the 90's...except math,
considering i'm so stupid in it and it's hopeless. but
anyways, the bus either never came this morning or just
came really late. i had to drive myself to school. it was
like below zero and my poor toes were falling off! so after
like forever, i gave up waiting and went back inside and
told my dad i was drivin to school. lol. and i almost
killed myself on the way there. hehe. oops. i didnt realize
it was that shitty out til i slid one way and then almost
went through a stoplight. then i was late anyways. but hey,
i got to drive to school. and i guess i was bitchy today
cuz britt told me i was. and i did have a fit at lunch. but
i'm ok now. i think. ya i'm fine. lmao. anyways, i should
go ask my dad if i can go driving.