2002-02-05 20:33:59 (UTC)

the perks of being a wallflower

today was a short day... thank god... i don't know how long
i can stay up.. a nap sounds good.

i had left over sushi for lunch today... sooo good...
lol ... but no ginger left... just wasabi... not that any
of you care. i just think it's interesting i took left over
sushi to school... that's ok.. erika ate sushi today too...
i'm not alone.

emma's being distant. i asked her what exactly the problem
was and she told me i was paranoid in a not so nice tone...
yeah... well... if she wants to quit school when she's so
close to finishing ... i'm not going to condone it. and as
much as i love her... i'm not going to talk to her until
she confronts me with whatever it is she needs to confront
me with. ...

gotta clean out the garage today... move the stupid drums
into the attic, sweep, oy yoy yoy... not looking forward to
that... but i have to get my car and the suburban in there
before the COLD FRONT comes through... yay! snow for the
first time... so excited. maybe we won't have to go to
school tomorrow and i won't have to take that wretched chem

*sigh* bored bored bored. ... wouldn't know how to find
issac if i took a notion to...

guess i'll just go clean out the garage.

-and with one last sweep... she brushed away her hopes-

lol... later.