Jenxter's Shitty life in Canada
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2002-02-05 19:58:12 (UTC)

Tuesday FEB --- 5 2002 ||| 10 FEET of SNOW just PUNDED

Yeah right who said that winter only last a couple of
months :: here it last 6 months and summer is just a myth ::

It's been a while since the last natural catastrophic
challenge from nature :: We had 3 weeks of Butterflies
invading the town, then the last year 1 month of
catterpillars in the trees and so on... this year GOD said
that we should have another epidemic happening :: Yes i
know it seems as history repeting, or the invasion from
heaven and earth is already on the way ::

This is a bible in the making::
--------------------------------------- enough of shamen -

Well as we knew it, the babe finally has come back to da
jenxter's none appartement (i don't have a apartement as
this time only for the 15th of febuary) So she came in when
we were looking at that SHAKIRA video, and thinking that ,
hummmmm if only Jessika would come in.... And then TOC TOC
TOC's a MEEeeeeeeeee ! (Jessika that is). Well
well she seems a little distracted, i offer her 2 beers
(since in Canada thats what we drink a lot) well my buddy
is about 20 years old and seems interested in her, but Jess
was the one that is always buying me drinks in bars
and...hummm mighty hillbilly bob ! She is so cute that 19
year old face.

Im just a old fart of 30 years old soon on valentines
day ! 2 days ( here is a URL :: ) for my ugly facial
to scan there ....anyway any chick looking for parties
around lakes and in nice bar.... send me a line or not
just come on down.... im no pervert just a nice guy who
love to be your sugar dady !!