my life and thoughts
2001-04-24 21:10:23 (UTC)

man i havent wrote forever..

man i havent wrote forever maybe cause .. ive not been up
to doing nething .man .. life has kicked me in the ass once
again ..lucky me ..huh .. o well i just got cheated on
thats all..i dont know what to do i dont want to dump
him .. ilike him more than ANYONE i have been with ..i dont
really know the whole story but .he is going to tell me it
all tonite ...i dont know i guess he got way drunk and a
girl took advantage of him ..b ut im not really aure what
all happened .. but i will know later just figures
that once i could trust a guy even a lil since the last guy
that cheated onm e that would happen .figures huh .. man i
dont know what i was thinking ..i could actually trust
someone. .. but i guess i already knew u cant trust nebody
but urself ..o well and i got to go i got to think of what
im going to do .. later ,,