The lost little girl
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2002-02-05 19:51:17 (UTC)

* happy dances begin all over the world *

most of you won't know what i'm talking about. just random
stuff to you to, i guess. but to those who know me and know
what i'm talking about..i'm sure they will be happy! YAY
last night i went out with Wendy to celebrate. We went to
Funspot to go bowling but it was league night or some
bullshit so we went up stairs to play games...and i was
looking for a game to play and i came around this corner and
there is this guy...and he had dark hair..short..and he
turned and i was like " OMG kevin!? what the hell are you
doing here?" and i turned and i saw kate sitting down..so i
turned and i yelled " KATE...I GOT THE LETTER...I PASSED MY
TEST!!!!" she jumps up...lands on me screaming joyfully at
the top of her lungs ( it sounded like someone was killing
her) and continued to jump up and down screaming.."omg omg
omg"..she even kinda hurt my face with her shoulder..all
nght it was beat red on my right cheek bone.It was cool. the
four of us had a Air Hockey match...it was cool..i kinda
think that Wendy won..but i might be wrong...
you know yesterday was great. i found out my test results. I
ran into kate. everything was going well. but there was one
person who made it bad. and i sure this person has no idea.
but when i am trying to reach out to someone and they get
bitchy with me..that's where i draw the line..so that person
can go screw themself...yeah..that is right you know who you
are now huh!?!

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"I'm gonna get a pet!I'm gonna get a pet!!"-craig